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Which Trendy Food Stuck Around The Longest?

Cupcakes are allegedly over. A look at which food trends had more staying power.

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Food fads, by definition, don't last forever. BuzzFeed used Google Trends to estimate how long they live before they die out. A food trend's lifespan below is the length of time between when it crossed 50 — the halfway mark of popularity — and when it hit 100 and began dropping. It's not an exact science — some trends return to their former glory after a drop, some never do. With that in mind, read on for the food fads BuzzFeed tracked, in order from longest to shortest-lived.

1. Kale

Start: July 2009

End: shows no signs of slackening

Length: 3 years, 9 and a half months so far

2. Bacon

Start: December 2009

End: September 2012

Length: 2 years, 9 months


3. Cupcakes

Start: July 2010

End: October 2012

Length: 2 years, 3 months

4. Greek yogurt

Start: March 2011

End: February 2013? Though it's pretty recent, so this could be a temporary dip.

Length: 1 year, 11 months

5. Chia seeds

Start: January 2012

End: still going strong

Length: 1 year, 3 and a half months, so far


6. Quinoa

Start: January 2012

End: not yet!

Length: 1 year, 3 and a half months so far

7. Macarons

Start: December 2011

End: December 2012

Length: 1 year


8. Sriracha

Start: October 2012

End: February 2013

Length: 6 months

9. Cake pops

Start: July 2011

End: December 2011

Length: 5 months

10. Acai

Start: October 2008

End: January 2009

Length: 3 months

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