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    May 23, 2012

    This Poor Stock Photo Model Is Stressed Out All Over The Internet

    Can one woman carry the weight of the whole world's anxiety? If she's this hard-working stock photo subject, then yes.

    This anxious young woman banging (or just unrestfully resting) her head against the wall is the subject of an image available on stock photo service Shutterstock, and she's become exceedingly popular across the internet. With her neutral-toned clothes and sensible hair, she's becoming a sort of everywoman poster child for worry. Here are just some of the reasons she's stressed.

    1. She's too busy.

    2. She has the worst job of the year.

    3. She has low self-esteem.

    4. Her stress is ruining her immune system, causing more stress.

    5. She has a demanding job, and is French.


    Headline translation (courtesy of Google): "Stress in the workplace and management of psychosocial risks: the record of the meeting."

    6. Her startup is about to fail.


    7. She's single.

    8. She's mad at her husband, with whom she had an arranged marriage.

    This one is from the blog of an Indian man who calls himself a "dowry law victim," meaning he's very dissatisfied with his arranged marriage to his wife. One of the problems is her anger.

    9. Her wellness-coaching business is overwhelming.

    10. She's about to have an orgasm.


    BuzzFeed Shift is not immune to the charms of the lady banging her head against a wall. We included her in our post about surprising ways women have orgasms.

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