The 12 Most Unusual Dating Books On The Market

The new social-media-focused version of The Rules is by no means the strangest dating guide out there.

1. “Your Love Life & Reincarnation”

“A past life self-regression guidebook that gives readers all the tools and insight needed to get results on their own.”

2. “If The Buddha Dated”

3. “Psychic Wisdom On Love and Relationships”

4. “I Saw Your Future and He’s Not In It”

5. “Dating the Undead”

“Is your immortal just a little bit … immoral?”

6. “Bitch Stop That!”

7. “Dating Mr. Darcy: The Smart Girl’s Guide To Sensible Romance”

“Any girl who has seen Pride and Prejudice or read the Jane Austen novel knows that the much misunderstood Mr. Darcy is the ideal gentleman. But is it possible to find your own Mr. Darcy in today’s world of geeks and goons?”

8. “Dating Vegan: Recipes for Relationships”

9. “10 Dating Lessons from ‘Sex and the City’”

It would actually be surprising if this didn’t exist.

10. “The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating”

“Think romance has gone to the dogs? You’re right — and it’s actually a good thing!”

11. “Leashes and Lovers”

12. “Objectivist Sexuality”

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