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Strange Things The Experts Say About Women Authors

Some enterprising literary types have made a list of the 25 most-studied American writers of the past 25 years, five of them women. Here's what literary experts been saying about them, from "Anal Economics" to "Invading Goths."

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Emily Dickinson

• "'Silent Eloquence': The Social Codification of Floral Metaphors in the Poems of Frances Sargent Osgood and Emily Dickinson"

• "Domesticating Delphi: Emily Dickinson and the Electro-Magnetic Telegraph"

• "Minding Emily Dickinson's Business"

• "Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes" (this one is actually a poem by Billy Collins)

Toni Morrison

Julio Cortez / AP

• "On Butler on Morrison on Language"

• "Ghosts of Liberalism: Morrison's Beloved and the Moynihan Report"

• "Heaven's Bottom: Anal Economics and the Critical Debasement of Freud in Toni Morrison's 'Sula'"

Edith Wharton

• "Evolutionary Biological Issues in Edith Wharton's 'The Children'"

• "The Paradox of Objectivity in the Realist Fiction of Edith Wharton and Kate Chopin"

• "Victorian Sensationalism and the Silence of Maternal Sexuality in Edith Wharton's 'The Mother's Recompense'"

• "Extinction, Taxidermy, Tableaux Vivants: Staging Race and Class in The House of Mirth"

• "'Other People's Clothes': Homosociality, Consumer Culture, and Affective Reading in Edith Wharton's Summer"

• "Edith Wharton and the Invading Goths"

Flannery O'Connor

• "Flannery O'Connor and the Peacock"

• "Liberal Antiliberalism: Mailer, O'Connor, and The Gender Politics of Middle-Class Ressentiment"

• "Is Flannery O'Connor a Nonsense Writer?"

Willa Cather

Carl Van Vechten / Via

• "Vegetation of the Willa Cather Memorial Prairie" (in the Journal of Range Management)

• "Willa Cather in Pittsburgh"

• "Willa Cather as Psalmist"

• "Who Stole Willa Cather?"

• "The Genius of Willa Cather"

• "The Case against Willa Cather"

• "Does Anyone Read Willa Cather Any More?"

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