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Lisa Frank App Lets You Put Stickers On Your Photos (Poorly)

Now you can relive your childhood on your iPhone or iPad by putting images of hot pink tigers all over your photos. Warning: non-kids may have a hard time.

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Lisa Frank (yes, that is her real name) launched her app in mid-July. Lisa Frank Pic n' Share [sic] lets users add Lisa Frank digital "stickers" to their own photos, and then share them on Facebook and Twitter. I tried it out, and this is what I discovered.

The Good

• It's free.

• You can Frankify any photo in your library, or take a new photo to put ballerina bunnies all over. In second grade, you probably put Lisa Frank stickers on your Trapper Keeper, but now you can try:

The coffeemaker

The supply closet at work

Your computer

Your cat

Your coworker


The Bad

• It's hard to figure out how to delete tigers/bears/bunnies once you've stuck them on. One of the worst features of stickers, replicated in digital form.

• Only works in portrait format. So if you wanted to sticker up a landscape image, you're out of luck.

• It crashes a lot. At one point I lost the ability to add new stickers, which is why you see so many tigers above.

However, it's distinctly possible that all these problems are simply difficulties I had with the interface because I am an Old. Maybe kids will all be stickering their Instagram photos in no time. Or maybe you will — go get the app and add your results in the comments.

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