How The Giant Eyeball Made It To A Florida Beach

The discovery of a giant eyeball in Pompano Beach, Florida, has raised questions about its origins. We have the (fictional) answers.

It began life at a Chuck E. Cheese in 1987.

It hid out on the “Ecce Homo” fresco.

And in Christina Aguilera’s cleavage.

It had a bit part in Jurassic Park.

It played a brief role in a Lady Gaga outfit.

It became a plaything for Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette, but was quickly discarded in favor of an iPad.

Depressed, it entered Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

It applied for a job as Paul Ryan’s tie clip, but was deemed too small.

It had to watch the debates from the audience.

It decided to lift its spirits with a relaxing beach trip, leading to its discovery.

Where will the eyeball end up next? Only time will tell.

Design by John Gara for BuzzFeed.

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