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    Christians, Muslims Unite In Hatred Of Lady Gaga

    Earlier this week, Christian groups protested Lady Gaga's concert in the Phillippines. Now, Islamic fundamentalists in Indonesia are doing the same.

    Islamic protesters in Jakarta say Gaga's dance moves and outfits "corrupt youth," and they've threatened violence if her June 3 concert goes on as planned. In Manila, Phillippines, Christian groups had some slightly different concerns — they felt Gaga's song "Judas" was blasphemous. But their protests looked remarkably similar — Christians in Manila held signs calling the pop star "the mother monster." Protesters in Indonesia also played the "monster" card. Apparently hating Gaga is something these two often conflicting religions can agree on.

    Gaga's manager has said she will not change her act in Indonesia, despite protests. This could be a good move — the protests in the Phillippines actually increased ticket sales.