BuzzFeed’s Elite 10 Smart Party Schools

These ten colleges won BuzzFeed’s ranking of the best schools in the country for both partying and studying.

1. University of Virginia

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BuzzFeed used Fiesta Frog’s party schools list and Forbes’s academic rankings to find the schools that are best for both partying and studying. Virginia ranked #22 in partying and #36 in academics, for the best combined total.

2. University of North Carolina

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Party rank: 25
Academic rank: 47

3. Colgate University

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Party rank: 31
Academic rank: 48

4. Vanderbilt University

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Party rank: 60
Academic rank: 33

5. Cornell University

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Party rank: 44
Academic rank: 51

6. University of Florida

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Party rank: 16
Academic rank: 80

7. University of Illinois

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Party rank: 24
Academic rank: 86

8. University of Texas at Austin

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Party rank: 8
Academic rank: 104

9. Harvey Mudd College

10. Kenyon College

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