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Anti-Cheating Site Reveals Data On LGBT Infidelity

Because they believe in equality, the folks behind the adultery-exposing website CheaterVille have decided to allow LGBT cheat-ees to post. And now they have (somewhat specious) data on which LGBT folks are most likely to cheat.

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CheaterVille is a place where you can list the name, location, and personal information of people you believe to be philanderers. A sample post titled "Life of lies and cheating" includes this information: "He came home and YES, he started the cheating once again. This time with victim 1's best friend (Kristen) Not pretty and very fat." Now it's not just heterosexual people who have the opportunity to say these kinds of things about their one-time lovers and alleged best friends. CheaterVille CEO founder James McGibney said in a press release, "We launched the LGBT feature a few months ago due to overwhelming requests. We quickly obliged as our website is a firm believer in equal rights and allowing all members of our society to use our site."

They also took this opportunity to do some data collection on the cheating habits of LGBT daters. Some highlights:

• While the overwhelming majority of straight cheaters posted on CheaterVille are women ("This b*tch loves married men"; "Gold digging stupid wh*re"), most LGBT cheaters posted are men who have (allegedly) cheated on men.

• But 19% of LGBT cheaters surveyed were guys who cheated on women with other men — for instance, one poster accuses her (presumably ex) boyfriend of the following: "I WAS LOOKING ON OUR COMPUTER AND FOUND TRANSVESTITE PORN ALSO EMAILS OF HIM SETTING UP DATES WITH OTHER MEN ON CRAIGSLIST TO EXCHANGE SEX HE ALSO HAD PHOTOS OF HIM WEARING MY LINGIRIE YES MY LINGIRIE!!!!!!!"

• Fourteen percent were women who cheated on men with other women.

• The number one city for gay male cheating is New York; the hotspot for lesbian adultery is LA.

• For what it's worth, the average age of LGBT cheaters on CheaterVille is 28, and they tend to be Geminis.

CheaterVille will also apparently be sponsoring a number of pride parades this year. It's nice that everyone now has the chance to take to the internet to complain about "NASTY TRASH" and "Dirty Hairdeser" [sic], no matter their sexual orientation.