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    9 Ways France's First Couple Is Different From Ours

    New French president Francois Hollande and his partner Valerie Trierweiler show that French political families have more privacy than American ones — and more crepes.

    1. They're not married.

    2. She's keeping her job.

    3. He has four kids with a former presidential candidate Segolene Royal.

    4. Those children are largely out of the public eye, except maybe "the next Pippa Middleton."

    5. They're replacing another unconventional couple.

    6. They dance to Edith Piaf.

    7. She's "feisty" on Twitter.

    Merci à mes consÅ“urs, confrères de respecter notre vie et nos voisins. Merci de ne pas camper devant notre domicile. Merci de le comprendre.— Valerie Trierweiler (@valtrier) May 8, 2012

    The Daily Beast calls her "a feisty tweeter." When paparazzi camped out at the home she shares with Hollande, she tweeted the above: "[I'll] thank my colleagues to respect our life and our neighbors. Thank you for not camping in front of our home. Thank you for understanding." The Obama campaign runs Michelle's Twitter, keeping "feistiness" to a minimum.

    8. She wears really high heels.

    9. Wednesdays are crepe day.