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9 Things Runners Can Do Now The New York Marathon Is Canceled

Volunteer. And party.

1. Run (or walk) around Prospect Park.

Photo by Anna North

The Prospect Part Walk-a-thon is still on for Saturday, November 3, and all proceeds will go to repair the damage the park sustained after Hurricane Sandy (like this splintered tree).

2. Help out seniors.

Marathoners in great shape. Could carry food up staircases to elderly/disabled in apartments without power for elevators.

Marathoners in great shape. Could carry food up staircases to elderly/disabled in apartments without power for elevators.-- Roger Simon

Runners looking for a physical challenge can also lug food and water to and from shelters or participate in a number of other relief efforts going on across the city.

3. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Keith Bedford / Reuters

With subways still not running between the boroughs, walking is one of the few ways to actually get from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Over the weekend it should be less crowded, and at least as of now, the weather's supposed to be nice.

4. Help clean up Staten Island.

Mike Segar / Reuters

Marathoners won't be starting a race in Staten Island this weekend, but they may still be able to go there and help out. Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is seeking volunteers Saturday to help clean up the flood-ravaged borough. The Staten Island Ferry is working again, as are buses to the island.

5. Give blood.

Joern Pollex / Getty Images

Many blood drives had to be cancelled due to the hurricane, so the Red Cross is urging people who can to give blood to make up for the lost donations. Runners probably wouldn't have been able to donate if they were about to run a marathon (strenuous exercise right after giving blood isn't the best idea), but they can now. A number of locations in the city are offering blood donation appointments this weekend.

6. Visit the Met.

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is on the marathon route, and while runners won't be racing by it, they can stroll through and look at the art. It resumed its normal hours on Thursday.

7. Abandon carbo-loading and eat some meat (or salad).

Now that you don't have to load up on pasta and bagels for the race, you can eat whatever you want. Check out this list of New York restaurants open post-Sandy and support NYC businesses while stuffing your face.

8. Go to the zoo.

Handout / Reuters

After being closed for the hurricane, the zoo is slated to reopen Saturday.

9. Party!

Photo Illustration by Mario Tama / Getty Images

The power is back on in some parts of Manhattan, and runners no longer have to maintain peak physical condition, so there's every reason to indulge in a night of revelry.