30 Amazing Names From The International Roller Derby Database

Roller derby skaters around the world register their names in one place. Here are some of the most hilarious, bizarre, and punnily brilliant.

1. Vladimir Naboobkov

2. Yeti Page

3. Wuthering Frights

4. Syphilis Diller

5. Dora the Destroyer

6. Wolf Blitzher

7. Wikibleedia

8. Tess of the Derby Wheels

9. Whoremione Granger

10. Whistler Smother

11. Susan B. Agony

12. Wench Press

13. Vulva Las Vegas

14. Velveteen Rabid

15. Uma Vermin

16. Tell Tale Tart

17. Tart of Darkness

18. Suri Bruise

19. Artillery Clinton

20. Skank Williams

21. Doris Day of Reckoning

22. Shirley Temple of Doom

23. Nasty Pelosi

24. Nancy Raygun

25. Katniss EverMean

26. Naomi Cannibal

27. Kancer

28. Sigourney Reaper

29. Smash Face

30. Squid

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