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    11 Reasons The New Pope Is Clearly In The Illuminati

    The conspiracy theories have begun.

    Vitaly Hrabar/Abaca Press/MCT

    1. He was selected in 2013.

    2. On March 13.

    3. At 8:13 Rome time.

    This in fact appears to be true.

    Dylan Martinez / Reuters

    4. He used a triangle gesture.

    BuzzFeed was unable to find evidence of this.

    Stefano Rellandini / Reuters

    5. Or his curtains did.

    Fair enough.

    6. He is a scientist.

    This does not seem to be true. He has a degree in philosophy. Correction: He also has a master's degree in chemistry — so, maybe true-ish.

    7. He is the 266th Pope.

    8. He is a Jesuit, and is named Francis.

    Pope Francis I is a Jesuit.

    9. John Adams did not like Jesuits.


    True-ish — the space station did take a picture of the Vatican today.

    Manu Fernandez / AP

    11. He is Argentinian, like soccer star Lionel Messi.

    Both are Argentinian. Messi is either a member of the Illuminati, or their mortal enemy. Evidence inconclusive.