10 Activities That Are Now Less Popular Than Sexting

    Sexting beats emailing, dieting, and even hooking up, according to Google Trends.

    1. It beat out emailing in 2009.

    As BuzzFeed's John Herrman noted last year, nouns like "email" tend to become verbs over time. But they may also pass out of usage as the activities they describe get less popular. Everyone knows emailing is for old people now, so it's on the decline. Sexting, however, is going strong.

    2. And tweeting around the same time.

    3. Chatting took a little longer to vanquish.

    4. Snapchatting hasn't put up much of a fight so far.

    But maybe "to Snapchat" just hasn't become much of a verb yet.

    5. Sexting also beats out dieting.

    Which makes sense, since it's probably more fun.

    6. Ditto exercising.

    7. Perhaps more surprisingly, it also beats partying.

    8. And the ever-notorious "hooking up."

    9. Around 2010, people started searching for sexting more than "getting married."

    10. And in 2011, sexting decisively pulled away from "falling in love."

    But never fear: texting is safe, at least for now.