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25 Cringeworthy Album Covers That Should Never Have Happened

More proof that ’70s and ’80s aesthetics were horrible.

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1. This cover by The Faith Tones who got tricked by Jesus into getting these hairdont's.

Angelus Records

2. And this picture of The Handsome Beast's lead singer that you simply cannot unsee.

Heavy Metal Records

3. The cover featuring Rudy Ray Moore and his sexually liberated carolers.

Norton Records

4. And Quim's nude accordion folk adventures on the sleeve of his debut LP.

Fénix Estereo

5. This cover photo of Millie Jackson, who apparently likes going to the toilet a little bit more than she should.

Jive Records

6. Pat Cooper's delights that should definitely be kept private and not on the front of his second album.

United Artists

7. As well as Ken's pre-Photoshop montage cover that most likely nobody requested.

Country Gospel, CCM

8. This sad, yet disturbing, public farewell to Freddie's loved ones.

Rainbow Records

9. And this overly enthusiastic photo of the touchy-feely The Ministers Quartet.

Benson Sound

10. This cover of an LP by The Brothers Johnson, featuring their magic lighters – IN SPACE.

A&M Records

11. Cody Matherson who just came out to have a good time and he's honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Halo Records

12. This vinyl sleeve that proves once and for all that Marcy and her puppet master both should definitely not be allowed near toddlers.


13. This depiction of the forbidden romance between Erick and Beverly Massegee.

Rainbow Records / Via Twitter: @BadAlbumCovers

14. As well as this cover that teaches you how to bond with your "friends".


Go ahead, try it if you dare.

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15. This Mother's Day card from Heino.

EMI Records

16. And this moustache/wet hair combo that seemed like a good idea at the time, but Igor probably regrets it now.

Wanderer Records

17. This cover featuring Tino, the '80s precursor of fuckboyism.

España Records

18. And this very unnecessary naked group pic of the Orleans.

Spectra Records

19. This scene that includes enough reflective surfaces that Pete, Terry, Nick, and Jeff can admire their amazing outfits at all times.

Tavern Records / Via Twitter: @BadAlbumCovers

20. This redheaded Abraham Lincoln lookalike that apparently was supposed to sell millions of copies of the album.

Cambrian Records / Via Twitter: @BadAlbumCovers

21. This cover in which Judy most likely is not feeling good and Ken has a serious hair situation.

Great Circle Record / Via

22. And this WTF '80s sexual fantasy Wasnatch had just a couple of years ago.

Wasnacht / Via

23. This cover with a vortex of sweet rides.

The Sound / Via Twitter: @BadAlbumCovers

24. This highly disturbing portrait of the Witty family that will haunt you forever if you buy the album.

Word WSB

25. And finally, Snoop Dogg's alter ego, Swamp Dogg, casually riding a rat.

Elektra Music