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25 Struggles Every Fangirl Knows Only Too Well

You didn't choose the fangirl life – the fangirl life chose you.

1. There’s a great chance you have a Tumblr.

2. Therefore you know the turning points of a show from the gifs before you’ve even seen the episode.

3. Which only puts you in a constant risk of spoilers.

4. And sometimes you end up being in fandoms of shows you don’t even watch.

5. You believe in love at first episode.

6. And you tend to take fictional events way too seriously.

7. You feel like it’s your duty and life quest to defend your fave.

8. When people ask you what’s your favourite season, you automatically assume they’re talking about a TV show.

9. Your dedication makes you stay up late to livestream the newest episodes or talk show appearances of the cast members.

10. You’d rather stay in and catch up on all the fandom news than go out.

11. But when it comes to it, nothing will stop you from getting those front row seats at the meet-up or first spot in the signing line.

12. The merch costs are slowly killing you.

13. You always try to get your friends involved, but most of the time they don’t share your enthusiasm. At least not to the same, extreme point.

14. Sometimes you have to hide your excessive knowledge of characters and actors so that you don’t come off as weird.

15. And that's why you have A LOT of fandom friends online where you can fangirl all you want.

16. But they most likely live thousands of miles away and are scattered across multiple timezones.

17. You get irrationally angry over poorly executed plots.

18. Because you’ve read fan fiction that handled it ten times better.

19. There is also a great chance you know the struggle of your favourite FF not being updated for months.

20. And you have an inexplicable amount of feelings over your OTPs.

21. You frequently catch yourself shipping people IRL.

22. And you experience a constant struggle of "do I want to be you or do I want to be under you?” when it comes to your favourite characters.

23. You involuntarily start acting and/or dressing like your faves.

24. And you die a little bit inside because each year you realise you’re miles away from conventions and fan meet-ups.

25. But your biggest struggle as a fangirl is, of course, the fear of looking bad in a celebrity photo.