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    27 Reasons You Should Never Visit Poland

    A complete waste of time, tbh.

    1. So some people like to believe Poland is beautiful.

    Via Jacek Kadaj / Getty Images

    Old Town, Warsaw

    2. But the sad truth is, it's not.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Ojcowski National Park

    3. It's a country that should be avoided at all costs.

    4. There's absolutely nothing particularly breathtaking to see there.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Bear's Cave, Kletno

    5. No interesting landscapes.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Tatra National Park

    6. No remarkable animals.

    Via Andrzej Fryda / Getty Images

    European Bisons (zubry) in Bialowieski National Park

    7. No fascinating nature.

    Via Flickr: 88364173@N00

    Crooked forrest in Nowe Czarnowo

    8. Not to mention, the seasons suck. Spring has nothing to offer.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Marsh Marigold (kaczence) in Bialowieski National Park

    9. Summer is highly forgettable.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Baltic sea beaches near Jaroslawiec

    10. Autumn is gloomy and depressing.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

    11. And winter is just the ugliest season of them all.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Wielkopolski National Park

    12. The country has no history whatsoever.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk

    13. It's like it just popped up out of nowhere one day.

    Via Parys / Getty Images

    Biskupin archaeological museum.

    14. Consequently, it has close to no traditions.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Kraków nativity scenes contest

    15. And that's also why the cities aren’t all that great.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

    16. Very mediocre, if you look closely.

    Via Pm78 / Getty Images

    Panorama of Wroclaw

    17. Ugh, how ugly!

    Via Flickr: pawel_pacholec

    Wawel, Krakow

    18. Not to mention the architecture that is quite unremarkable.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Aula Leopoldina, Wroclaw

    19. Everything's so grey.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Old Market Square in Poznan

    20. Post-Communist landscape, really.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Mariacka Street, Gdansk

    21. Major drawback? Terrible castles.

    Via Krzysztof Karpinski / Getty Images

    The Knights Of The Cross castle in Malbork

    22. On top of all that, the food is horrible.

    Via Monika Wisniewska / Getty Images

    Zurek soup served in a bread bowl

    23. It actually looks pretty disgusting, tbh.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Oscypki in Zakopane

    24. All in all, the whole country screams "mediocre".

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Tyniec Benedictine abbey

    25. It is pretty sad to see.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Biebrzanski National Park

    26. And it feels like no one’s even trying out there to make it look appealing.

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Salt sculptures 135 meters underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

    27. Seriously, why would anyone even bother visiting Poland?

    Via Flickr: polandmfa

    Tatra National Park

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