27 Reasons You Should Never Visit Poland

A complete waste of time, tbh.

1. So some people like to believe Poland is beautiful.

Via Jacek Kadaj / Getty Images

Old Town, Warsaw

2. But the sad truth is, it’s not.

Ojcowski National Park

3. It’s a country that should be avoided at all costs.

4. There’s absolutely nothing particularly breathtaking to see there.

Bear’s Cave, Kletno

5. No interesting landscapes.

Tatra National Park

6. No remarkable animals.

Via Andrzej Fryda / Getty Images

European Bisons (zubry) in Bialowieski National Park

7. No fascinating nature.

Crooked forrest in Nowe Czarnowo

8. Not to mention, the seasons suck. Spring has nothing to offer.

Marsh Marigold (kaczence) in Bialowieski National Park

9. Summer is highly forgettable.

Baltic sea beaches near Jaroslawiec

10. Autumn is gloomy and depressing.

Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

11. And winter is just the ugliest season of them all.

Wielkopolski National Park

12. The country has no history whatsoever.

European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk

13. It’s like it just popped up out of nowhere one day.

Via Parys / Getty Images

Biskupin archaeological museum.

14. Consequently, it has close to no traditions.

Kraków nativity scenes contest

15. And that’s also why the cities aren’t all that great.

Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

16. Very mediocre, if you look closely.

Via Pm78 / Getty Images

Panorama of Wroclaw

17. Ugh, how ugly!

Wawel, Krakow

18. Not to mention the architecture that is quite unremarkable.

Aula Leopoldina, Wroclaw

19. Everything’s so grey.

Old Market Square in Poznan

20. Post-Communist landscape, really.

Mariacka Street, Gdansk

21. Major drawback? Terrible castles.

Via Krzysztof Karpinski / Getty Images

The Knights Of The Cross castle in Malbork

22. On top of all that, the food is horrible.

Via Monika Wisniewska / Getty Images

Zurek soup served in a bread bowl

23. It actually looks pretty disgusting, tbh.

Oscypki in Zakopane

24. All in all, the whole country screams “mediocre”.

Tyniec Benedictine abbey

25. It is pretty sad to see.

Biebrzanski National Park

26. And it feels like no one’s even trying out there to make it look appealing.

Salt sculptures 135 meters underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

27. Seriously, why would anyone even bother visiting Poland?

Tatra National Park

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