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21 Things Only People Who Are Socially Anxious Will Understand

Shut up, brain. It's time to finally talk to people.

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1. First of all, you’re not a big fan of social gatherings.

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More often than not you’d rather stay home.

2. But you also most likely have a deep fear of missing out on things.

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What if your friends are having fun without you right now? You'll be out of the loop again.

3. Your mind is constantly busy coming up with scenarios that could happen if you finally plucked up the courage to interact with people.


Will you make a fool of yourself if you say this or that? What if they laugh at you? A constant stream of questions.

4. Or it's preoccupied with things that actually did happen and replays them all in a never-ending search for major fuck-ups.


"Oh, God. Why did I do that?"

5. You find it hard to enjoy social outings to the fullest since you constantly feel uneasy, as if expecting something bad to happen.

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You just get that gut feeling.

6. And as a result, you find your chest tightening and muscles clenching for no reason whatsoever.

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Sometimes it hurts, too.

7. Which, best case scenario, translates to a panic attack that goes away after a few minutes.


And it's both terrifying and embarrassing.

8. Making decisions about where to go or what to eat is a total nightmare as you’re super indecisive.

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You dread the responsibility that comes with it.

9. And after you settle for something you instantly begin to wonder whether you did the right thing.


What if you picked the wrong option and everyone will blame you for that later on?

10. You worry about being a burden to your friends.


You often get that feeling you're being too clingy or too needy.

11. But at the same time, you want to hang out and spend time with them as much as possible because they’re the coolest ever.

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They're your friends, after all. And you wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. They make you feel safe.

12. Going out and meeting new people is one of your biggest nightmares.


You have no idea how to start a conversation.

13. And you hate to be in places where you don’t know anyone.

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So uncomfortable.

14. Small talk was invented by Satan.

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What are you even suppose to talk about? Weather? Politics? Unicorns?

15. And you often automatically assume everyone hates you and thinks you’re uncool.

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You're guessing they're probably annoyed by you, too.

16. You never know how to politely point out that you’d like your personal space to be respected.

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"I just don't like to be touched, ok? It makes me feel vulnerable."

17. But at the same time, you want people to pay attention to you, love you, and be affectionate with you.

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After all, you are just human. You want to feel needed and appreciated.

18. Spontaneity isn’t your thing. AT ALL.

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"Why can't we plan our activities ahead of time so I can mentally prepare myself for them?"

19. But patience is not your forte either as it only gives you more time to overthink things.

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And in the time leading up to whatever you're waiting for your stress levels rise exponentially.

20. You wish you could just stop worrying so much.


It would be so cool if it was possible to switch off you feelings, just like that.

21. Yet in order to do that, you’d have to try new things and that also makes you anxious.

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It's a vicious circle, really.

But despite all these things, deep down inside, you know you have a lot to offer to the world and that you'll go places.


You're a cool, funny, intelligent, and loving person. Frankly, you're a star.

So don’t give up. One step at a time. Breathe. You'll eventually get there!

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