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21 Teachers Who Are So Fucking Done

They aren't getting paid enough for this shit.

1. This history teacher who cannot seem to escape Taylor Swift references.

2. This English teacher who has seen far too many tongues.

3. This teacher who goes to such great heights to catch cheaters.

4. This chemistry teacher who is definitely a little too happy about potentially burning down the school.

5. And this one who has been hurt by fonts too many times.

6. This teacher who will go to any means to escape.

7. This substitute who has seen WAY too much.

8. This teacher who literally survives on his students' misery.

9. And this one who is 600% done with attitude.

10. This teacher who is over students thinking they are clever.

11. The one who doesn't have any patience for small dick pics.

12. This teacher who is resorting to taking out his frustration on wasps.

13. This teacher who has no time for students who don't care about their grades.

14. This professor who has lost touch with his merciful side.

15. This teacher who has been asked for a pen one too many times.

16. This professor who is done with early-morning finals.

17. And this teacher who just wants his goddamn bathroom pass back.

18. The elementary school teacher who has to deal with this struggle every day.

19. This math teacher whose students aren't even trying at all.

20. This teacher who tragically lost his soul somewhere along the way.

21. And this professor who might already be on vacation, TBH.