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27 Signs You're A Former "Twilight" Fangirl

Hey, we were all 13 once.

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1. There’s a “Team Edward” or "Team Jacob" shirt in the back of your closet somewhere.


2. And you still have old Edward and Bella posters hanging in your childhood bedroom.

3. “Twi-hard,” “Twilighter,” and “Twerd” were all titles you called yourself at some point.

MoonlightPrimitives / Via

4. Every once in awhile, “Bella’s Lullaby” comes on when you’re listening to your iTunes on shuffle.

And you don't skip it.

5. You know how to spell “Stephenie.”

Little, Brown and Company

6. and are buried in your bookmarks.

7. You knew every inch of Stephenie’s website, and prayed every day for a new blog from her.

Summit Entertainment

8. And the only reason you even read The Hunger Games is because Stephenie recommended it on her blog.

Summit Entertainment

And then you were obsessed with that, too.

9. You still know the names of every single actor in the first movie, because you followed that casting process religiously.

Supermassivesagafan33 / Via

10. Taylor Lautner was the hottest guy on the planet to you.

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11. But you were totally in love with Robert Pattinson and watched every film he was ever in.

His hair, tho.

12. And you definitely shipped him with Kristen, and felt vindicated when they started dating later.

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13. The only reason you watched the 2008 VMAs was for the Twilight cast appearance.

Only to have Russell Brand cut off Rob mid-sentence.

Only to have Russell Brand cut off Rob mid-sentence.

14. You're still subscribed to a bunch of YouTubers who used to vlog about Twilight.

NoMoreMarbles / Via

15. And you loved this Twilight trailer spoof.

YouTube / Via

16. You still have your ticket stub for the first movie somewhere.

17. And you didn't miss a single interview or behind-the-scenes for it.


18. You know who Josh Horowitz is because of that press tour.

19. And you hated it when interviewers compared Twilight to High School Musical.

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20. Every time a new book came out, you stayed up all night reading the entire thing.

Anna Menta

21. Even after going to the midnight book release party at your book store.

Brad Barket / Getty Images

22. You read The Host even though you were mad at Steph for writing it before she finished Breaking Dawn.

But it was actually pretty good!

23. When Stephenie announced Midnight Sun you were SO EXCITED because it was a dream come true.



24. And when she cancelled it, it was like she stomped on all of your dreams with industrial-sized boots

Time to die.
Summit Entertainment

Time to die.

25. Even though you were mostly over it all by the time it came out, you couldn’t resist reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

Hey, it was free, why not?

26. And when you heard about Life and Death you laughed, but secretly you know you'll probably read it eventually.

27. Because even though your burning love for Twilight may have dimmed, you know deep down it will never truly die.

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