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34 Questions Stephenie Meyer Needs To Answer Immediately

A gender-swapped Twilight? Is this real life?

2. Did you really write a 442-page novel to prove Twilight isn't sexist?

3. Is it literally just Twilight over again with different pronouns?

4. How does that prove a point?

5. It's just the same story?

6. Is the dialogue the same?

7. Is girl-Edward's name really Edythe?

8. Is boy-Bella's name really Beau??

10. Is that a real name?

11. Are there really no other B-names?

12. Bradley? Benjamin? Barry?

13. Are other characters in the novel going to be gender-swapped?

14. If so, can Jacob be named Jansport?

15. Will there be a movie?

16. Will the same actors be cast?

18. Can girl-Jacob be played by Taylor Lautner in that same wig?

19. How great would it be if Kristen Stewart sparkled?

20. How do you think R. Patz and K. Stew feel about this book?

21. Do you realize how many interview questions they're going to hear about this?

23. Does this mean you're never going to finish Midnight Sun?

24. How many more versions of Twilight do you think you'll write?

25. Do you realize you've basically written your own fan fiction?

26. How long did writing this take you?

27. How the heck did you keep it a secret?

29. Will you write sequels?

30. Will Renesemee become Charlisle?

31. Does the title mean someone's actually going to die in this one?

32. Does the cover mean green apples are the gender opposites of red apples?

33. Do apples have genders now?