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    21 Steps To Becoming Obsessed With "Hamilton"

    *Listens to soundtrack once and enters a new era of my life*

    1. Being totally lost in conversations with your friends who won't shut up about this new Broadway musical.

    2. Not understanding what could possibly be so interesting about a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton, of all people.

    3. Deciding that all the hype must be based in something, and so finally looking up the music on Spotify.

    4. Listening to the first five songs or so, jamming out a bit.

    5. Sitting down and listening to the entire album, actually paying attention this time.

    6. Getting completely caught up in the story, and not knowing what was going to happen next, because you're not history scholar.

    7. Finally listening to the last song for the first time and sobbing like a baby.

    8. Immediately starting the album over and listening to the entire thing again, this time paying even CLOSER attention.

    9. Looking up extra facts about the actual founding fathers and picturing them as their characters.

    10. Scouring the internet for the shortest of clips from the live production to match faces to the voices you're now obsessed with.

    11. Going way too deep into Lin-Manuel Miranda's Twitter and Tumblr pages.

    *Lady rolls down her car window at 181st street* "congrats on HAMLET!" Me: "I WISH I wrote Hamlet!" Lady: "Yay HAMLET!" *drives away* #myday

    Both are pure gold.

    12. Watching and reading every interview with Lin-Manuel you can find.

    13. Trying to explain to anyone who will listen why the parallels between the revolutionaries and racial oppression today make the Hamilton casting so important.

    14. Realizing you've become the friend you were once annoyed by, who bothers everyone to listen to Hamilton.

    15. Reading the annotated lyrics and having your mind blown at all the stuff that went over your head.

    16. Realizing it's impossible to choose a favorite song.

    17. Trying REALLY HARD to rap along with the songs.

    18. Getting emotional whenever you use a ten dollar bill.


    19. Throughout all of this, never once ceasing listening to the soundtrack over and over again.

    20. Feeling depressed when you remember you haven't seen the live show because it's too far away/too much money/too sold out.

    21. Knowing in your heart that someday, somehow, you WILL see the show live.