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25 Of The Best Tumblr Memes Of 2015

Me: *shoving breadsticks into my purse*

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6. The Rihanna wink meme:

Someone on Tumblr discovered this GIF of Rihanna from a CoverGirl commercial, and the rest is meme history.


10. The "looks at smudged writing on hand" meme


Originally started by Tumblr user walmart-dot-com's post (which has sadly been deleted): “me, a virgin?? that’s silly. i have tons of sex. i love putting my penis into *looks at smudged writing on hand* varguba."


Originally from this video in which someone pointed to a police officer's shoes shouting, What are THOSE?"

18. The John Cena meme:

In this meme, people added John Cena's WWE intro to the end of unrelated video clips of people introducing themselves. Although the meme was popular on other social media platforms earlier, Tumblr users put their own spin on it.


Although this now suggestive phrase originated on Twitter, the meme was also big on Tumblr in a variety of ways.