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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    23 Reasons Why Roommates' Cats Are The Best Kind Of Cats

    All of the cute, none of the responsibility.

    1. A roommate's cat is the perfect cat: a cat that you get to live with but don't have to take care of.

    2. You get to cuddle with the cat whenever the cat is being cuddly.

    3. But when the cat throws up on the carpet, you get to quietly back out of the room and pretend you didn't see.

    4. The closest contact you ever have with cat poop is when the litter box gets mildly smelly.

    5. You can actually sleep at night because there is not a fluffy ball of terror attacking your feet every time you shift in your bed.

    Sorry bud, not today.

    6. Or if you do want a fluffy ball of cute in your bed, you can steal the cat for yourself on nights your roommate isn't home.

    7. You can go anywhere, anytime, for whatever amount of time you want, because making sure the cat gets fed is someone else’s problem.

    8. You don't mind feeding the cat when your roommate goes out of town, because it's the perfect opportunity to trick the cat into loving you more.

    9. And when you give the cat fresh water in their bowl, you feel like a responsible parent.

    10. The vet bill for the cat is addressed to your roommate and not to you.

    11. Every time you post an Instagram of your roommate's cat, you're rolling in the Insta-likes.

    12. Not to mention the hundreds of cute cat snaps you add to your story.

    Anna Menta

    13. Even though you didn't get to name the cat, you can come up with cute nicknames to call them secretly.

    14. When the cat is doing something wrong, your only duty is to tattle on them to your roommate.

    15. When you break your roommate's hand-painted ceramic bowl from Spain, the cat is the perfect scapegoat.

    16. You can use the cat to lure potential friends and romantic partners into your home.

    17. If the cat is mean to those potential friends and romantic partners, it’s your roommate’s fault, not yours.

    Plus it provides you valuable information about the person you brought up.

    18. After a stressful day, you have built-in animal therapy waiting for you at home that you don’t have to pay for (or feed).

    19. When you'd prefer to work without a cat on your laptop, you can kick them out of your room, guilt free.

    20. The cat is a great change of subject when you're stuck in a passive aggressive dishes conversation with your roommates.

    21. When you hear loud meowing in the middle of the night, you can just put a pillow over your head and ignore it.

    Surely your roommate will handle it.

    22. If you ever feel like you might want a cat of your own, you can pretend your roommate’s cat is yours for a while and see how you like it.

    23. But most likely you’ll decide to stick with the sweet, sweet deal you have right now, because let’s be honest: roommates' cats rule.

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