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    This Is What Being On Tumblr Before 2011 Was Like

    It was dark times.

    Anyone who was on Tumblr five years ago has war stories to share of memes and blogging past.

    And for those who weren't, let your elders tell you a tale of Tumblr days of yore, when tags were tracked and Es were missing.

    It was a dark time, when our beloved website abandoned us daily and left behind nothing but chaos.

    A time of tumblarity and a time of night blogging.

    When every reaction image was a rage comic, and every comment was "WHAT IS AIR."

    When attractive people were dubbed either "hnnnnng" or "unf."

    And when the only prom you got invited to was Tumblr prom.

    We still bear scars from the hard-fought wars of the fandoms and the hipsters.

    And the one thing that brought fangirls and hipsters together to defend their dysfunctional home: the great 4chan invasion of 2010.

    Of course, there are happy memories, like the day confetti rained from the sky for the 10 billionth post.

    But it was dark times, there's no denying. And though they are over now, they will never be truly forgotten.

    For a history forgotten is a history bound to repeat.