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Posted on Sep 22, 2015

How Much Do You Actually Know About Ancient Technology?

Historians everywhere need your help.

  1. Archaeologists say that this strange plastic brick was used for some sort of primitive video streaming service. How the heck does it work?
  2. Not much is known about these odd little squares, except that people used to collect them in boxes near their computers. What could their purpose have been?

  3. Historians can’t seem to figure out how to take more than one picture on this weird photo-capture machine. What’s your suggestion?
  4. Ancient peoples called this bulky music storage device “portable.” How would one possibly transport this back in the day?
  5. Archaeologists have uncovered what appears to be the very first iPad. But they also found this weird little stick with it. What’s this weird little stick for?
  6. Archaeologists also uncovered a very primitive laptop. But what’s that curious little red dot in the middle of the keyboard for?

  7. Apparently those plastic rectangular video streaming devices also had the capacity for recording live television programs. How would you set this up?

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