32 Memes Only People On The Internet Before 2010 Will Understand

    Time for a trip down meme-ry lane.

    1. These guys for every reaction face.

    2. Ye olde rap battles with Joseph Ducreux.

    3. The inexplicable O RLY owl.

    4. Those Inception memes.

    5. Neil deGrasse Tyson when he was more famous as a meme than as an astrophysicist.

    6. This cat who mesmerized you for hours on end.

    7. And this one who was your favorite musician.

    8. The "chipmunk" who brought all the drama.

    9. You never actually drank Dos Equis, but you still loved the Most Interesting Man in the World.

    10. Boromir always telling it like it was.

    11. The only political party you'll ever truly be in.

    12. At least 60% of the links that were sent to you.

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    13. The flash video you're still quoting to this day.

    14. Badger badger badger badger badger badger

    15. The perfect exclamation when you were feeling ambitious.

    16. Or when you didn't care what other people thought.

    17. Your favorite battle cry.

    18. When someone was getting salty with you, you threw 'em this pic.

    19. And Willy Wonka always had your back for judging people.

    20. The scariest child on the internet.

    21. Your go-to reaction image in a sketchy situation.

    22. The dog who gave you the best/worst advice.

    23. Or Hipster Kitty, for the cool kids.

    24. The penguin that really spoke to your soul.

    25. And the philosoraptor who always blew your mind.

    26. Your favorite phrase from your Anglophile phase.

    27. This fucking game.

    28. The best day of the year.

    29. The most hilarious technological phenomenon of the millennium.

    30. Michael Cera prancing through every iconic photo.

    31. Chuck Norris being a badass in every aspect of his life.

    32. And of course, everyone's favorite timeless lolcat.

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