21 Pictures People Who've Never Had A Period Won't Understand

    "Why are you taking your bag with you to the bathroom?"

    1. The sense of relief when you realize there is an explanation for your sudden fragile emotions.

    2. The inability to stop yourself from crying over the smallest things.

    I just cried Bc they skipped my order at McDonald's #PeriodProblems

    3. The confusion on the first day when you're not sure if that feeling is your period or you peeing your pants.

    4. When you feel like everyone is doing things just to piss you off.

    5. The floodgates that open when you sneeze.

    6. The paranoia whenever you stand up after sitting for a while.

    7. Not being able to talk openly about your period.

    8. The struggle of lying in bed perfectly still in an attempt to tame the flow.

    9. When you dread what you'll find under the blankets in the morning.

    10. The vaguely sociopathic moment of calmly flushing a murder scene down the toilet.

    11. The regret when you reach the check-out after going grocery shopping on your period.

    12. The soul-crushing realization when you realize there are no more tampons or pads in your bag.

    13. And then being forced to carefully fold up toilet paper and hope for the best.

    14. The stilted penguin walk you end up doing.

    15. And the adjusting you have to do when your pad gets out of place.

    16. The excruciating abdominal pain that you have to deal with on your own.

    They'll never understand #girlproblems #PeriodProblems

    17. The strange dance you do trying to find the one position that doesn't anger the tiny knives stabbing your stomach.

    18. The drug you value more than diamonds.

    19. Period poops.

    20. The awkward moment when you're TRYING to be discreet about it, but other people make it so hard.

    21. And even when you think your week of hell is finally over, you're still not free.

    when your period is about to end #periodstories