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    Sep 28, 2015

    A TV Reporter Was Harassed While Doing A Segment On Street Harassment


    While filming a report about street harassment, BBC reporter Sarah Teale was harassed on the street herself.

    A BBC reporter is harassed in the street while filming a report about street harassment

    While she was explaining that 95% of people had experienced unwanted lewd comments shouted at them in the street…

    ...some dude shouted a sexual comment at her.


    After a moment of stunned silence at the painful irony, Teale recovered.

    Teale later tweeted about the incident.

    Irony - reporting how 95% of women are victims of verbal harassment-and a man shouts sexual obscenities at me @bbcemt


    Watch the full video of the incident below.

    View this video on YouTube

    BBC / Via

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