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    23 Reasons You Should Re-Watch "The Social Network"

    In honor of its five-year anniversary today.

    Five years ago today, "the Facebook movie" hit theaters and stomped all over everyone's skepticism with its perfection.

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    Here's just some of the reasons why.

    1. The opening scene of the film is so dense and fast-paced, it's actually ridiculous.

    Fun fact: Jesse Eisenberg had to do that take 99 times, because David Fincher.

    2. And the entire script is so tight that even just reading it will give you feels.

    3. Plus, the movie is just drop dead gorgeous.

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    Dat cinematography.

    4. The rowing scene alone is so breathtaking you might find yourself actually holding your breath while you watch it.

    5. The Oscar-winning score is SO good. It's haunting and powerful and you can listen to it on repeat for hours.

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    Thank you to our musical lords Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

    6. Aaron Sorkin script + David Fincher directing = Bitingly witty yet tragically beautiful movie.

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    7. The cast had so much chemistry that the behind-the-scenes are almost as good as the film itself.

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    8. Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield's off-screen friendship is too cute.

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    9. And Andrew Garfield is an adorable, wide-eyed woodland creature.

    10. JUSTIN FREAKIN' TIMBERLAKE is in this movie, proving that he can excel at basically any form of entertainment.

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    And he plays the founder of Napster, which, lol.

    11. And any movie with two Armie Hammers is truly a blessing.

    (They super-imposed Armie Hammer's face on someone else's body. God is real.)

    12. Even the smallest of characters are delightful gems.

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    13. The little kid from Jurassic Park made an appearance as a ginger-haired angel.

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    14. The voice of reason and morality was Rashida Jones, as it should be.

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    15. And Rooney Mara slays in the most satisfying dump scene of all time.

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    *mic drop*

    16. This film made you care about Mark Zuckerberg way more than you ever thought you would.

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    "Look how sad, it's not his fault, blame Justin Timberlake!!!"

    17. I mean, his fire speech in the deposition room, tho.

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    18. And we got this perfect reaction GIF for annoying the real Mark Zuckerberg whenever Facebook crashes.

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    19. "I'm CEO, Bitch."

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    20. Eduardo's breakdown to Mark in the Facebook offices hurts so good.

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    21. Honestly the whole storyline of Mark and Eduardo's friendship and betrayal is rip-your-heart-out, romance-novel levels of good.

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    *heavy sobs*

    22. Not to get carried away, but the movie is basically a modern day Citizen Kane.

    Think about ittt.

    23. Plus, it won a shit-ton of awards.

    All you have to do to relive the magic is pop in the DVD. Happy five-year anniversary, TSN!