This Is The Reality Of Australia's Youth

    "We are a passionate generation of young Australians." NSFW: Some nudity.

    Where once suburbia was home to families living the Australian dream, increasingly, Melbourne photographer Amy Crawley said, it’s a landscape tarnished by negative stereotypes: youth unemployment and poverty, chief among them.

    Crawely grew up in Narre Warren, an hour south of Melbourne. The 22-year-old has spent eight years photographing people she grew up with for her photo series, Suburban Endurance.

    “I love documenting their stories and the time I spend with the people I photograph is portrayed within my images - each holding a captivating gaze and intimate portrait.”

    Crawley’s project features young people who have endured hardship early on in their life. She said the main drawback for these individuals to achieve the “Australian Dream” is access to resources.

    "Those people need to be heard. They need a chance to achieve their personal dream."