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    23 Aerial Photos From The World Cup That Look Like Fine Art

    They look like Playstation FIFA 18 avatars.

    Sports photographers usually have the most enviable views of an event. Especially during the current, month-long World Cup in Russia, where tickets are much-coveted, they get paid not just to see a match with absolutely zero obstruction but they also get to share the pitch (well, the sidelines) with the athletes themselves.

    Sometimes though they gotta mix it up. And so they find themselves snapping from the furthest distance to get a good angle. At this year's World Cup matches in Russia, Getty photographers were given access far, far above the crowds and into the roof of the stadiums to get these incredible aerial shots. They had to be harnessed for safety, of course, and it's hardly for the fainthearted. But wow, the results!

    No guys, this isn't a screenshot from the Playstation game.

    But they'd fit in well in an art gallery.

    ~Renaissance art~, or something.

    The match really looks different from above.

    Show me some love.

    Wins look sweeter...

    Losing is no fun. Zero.

    Immaculate hair, even under pressure.

    Though some angles just don't look quite right.

    Even pre-match warm-ups are mesmerising.

    It's a gigantic pitch, and only this view allows us to appreciate it.

    We're tired of the eye-level perspective. We just want more of this view, tbh.