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    Planet Earth Is So Much Prettier When Cherry Blossoms Are In Full Bloom

    Pretty in pink.

    The northern hemisphere has more to rejoice about than just the end of winter. Because with spring comes the bloom of those oh-so-pretty cherry blossoms.

    It's not surprising at all that this natural phenomenon has been a popular draw card for tourists and locals. I mean, just look at this! Who wouldn't want to be the couple in that lake?

    Even in high speed, the blossoms are dreamy 😍

    So pretty that the Japanese have a name for sakura appreciation: hanami.

    This phenomenon only lasts for a few weeks, so let's do some hanami through these magical photos from around the world.

    It's clear why this spot at Tidal Basin in Washington DC is one of the most popular cherry blossom destinations outside Japan.

    But even suburban DC, like this one in Kenwood, has its own bragging rights.

    The University of Washington in Seattle proves cherry blossoms are pretty from any angle.

    And this shabby chic growth is totally Brooklyn.

    This tunnel in Jinhae-gu hosts the largest cherry blossoms festival in South Korea.

    A touch of pink in the Missouri Botanical Garden makes romantic picnics more special.

    As if Fernwood in Canada isn't lovely enough, see it when the cherry trees are in full bloom.

    Even Europe's proving it's got game, like this alleyway in Bonn, Germany.

    Many London parks are slowly shedding their pink. This is just one of many trees in St James Park.

    And Paris. Oh, Paris. Like we needed another reason to visit this city.

    Cherry blossoms bloom prettily even under the Tuscan sun.

    But is it prettier than Antwerp?

    Vienna has its own Japanese garden that gives you a taste of the sakura festival if you can't go to the real thing.

    Here are some of the blooms in Kaposvar, Hungary.

    While Prague wants to be just as whimsical.

    Despite the warmer climate, Valladolid in Spain doesn't want to miss out on the prettiness.

    Istanbul is showing off what it's got too.

    And let's not forget about Asia, where these blossoms are bountiful.

    And not to be beaten by the Chinese capital, Shanghai shows off its true colours.

    Now get out there before it's too late to stop and smell the flowers.

    Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    (Or maybe just look at them, because they're actually odourless.)

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