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16 Times Bart Simpson Summed Up Fridays

Thank God.

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1. "This is the fifth day in a row."

2. "No. I can't do this anymore."

3. "Or not. Maybe I can. I'm fabulous. And fun."

4. "Counting down the hours."

5. "Pumping out the last ideas from my overused brain."

6. "I've reached my people quota for the week."

7. "Go awaaaay."

8. "I said, DON'T TALK TO ME."

9. "I'd rather talk to an inanimate object. Yes, I'm talking to you."

10. "Ahhhh, feelings."

11. "Yes, yes, feelings. Feed me my feelings."

12. "Bye world, I'm done."

13. "I surrender!!!!"

14. "Almost there. I can do it... I can do it..."

15. "I have risen from the dead."

16. "WEEKEND!!!!!"