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Here's How To Take Totally Awesome Photos At Vivid Sydney

See how gorgeous Sydney is at night.

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Travel photographer Lauren Bath shares her handy techniques on how to capture Sydney at its grandest: during the Vivid lights festival, which finishes on Monday.


Main challenges from the Bridge Climb:

-time constraints due to groups of climbers going up and down through one pathway

-restricted movement and limited space

General tips:

-have an idea of what compositions you want to produce so you save yourself from trial and errors

Main challenges of photographing the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

-finding a very stable ground to avoid any shake on the camera

-unpredictable movement (such as ferries) in the frame that can affect your final image

General tips:

-use a tripod and a remote control so even you are not touching the camera during exposure

-use neutral density filters if needed


Main challenge of photographing the Sydney Opera House:

-getting sharp images as the projection moves very quickly

General tips:

-use a tripod to get stable shots

-go closer to the projector to get the rays; stand right below the projector to get the rays coming from above

Main challenges of photographing the BBC Life Presentation at Argyle Street

-getting the right colours when attempting a more abstract image from the projection

-having the subject/person stand very still whilst exposing the image for 30 seconds

General tips:

-use a tripod to get the stability you want

-rather than getting still images from the projection, experiment with abstract images


Main challenges of photographing the MCA:

-high density crowds

-quick-moving projections

-finding a simple composition

General tips:

-try shooting handheld for ease in movement

-go closer to the building and look for interesting images up close

Main challenge of photographing Customs House:

-crowd density

General tips:

-shoot with a tripod if space allows

-keep your compositions simple (the projections and the shape of the building is interesting enough!)

Main challenge of photographing the Darling Harbour lights and water show:

-keeping compositions uncluttered

-crowd density

-capturing the fireworks with the colours that you want

General tips:

-shoot fireworks on bulb mode whilst timing;

-or, have your shutter speed at half a second up and take multiple shots

-look for a spot where you can get a wide view of the show


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