8 iPhone Photo Tips For Those Who Struggle With The Built-In Flash

    Sometimes, covering the flash a little can improve your photos dramatically.

    We've all taken that photo on our phones where the subject is overexposed in an artificial way, while the background is completely blacked out. You've probably blinded a friend in the process. Sworn never to use the built-in flash again? I can't blame you.

    There are easy ways, however, to light your subject properly, according to portrait photographer and founder of street style blog Men In This Town Giuseppe Santamaria. Yes, including actually using the built-in flash!

    He shared some tips with BuzzFeed so we don't end up with crappy photos.

    1. Filtering the flash lets you control the amount of light on your subject.

    2. Worst case scenario, "placing half your finger over the flash helps in defusing the light."

    3. A bright, sunny day can be a bad thing for your outdoor snaps, so look for a shaded area.

    4. When shooting indoors with a lot of natural light coming through windows, turn off any artificial lights.

    5. When you start to lose natural light indoors, place your subject near light-coloured backgrounds.

    6. At night or in low light situations, use any light source available — a candle, a lamp, neon lights...anything!

    7. The new studio light and contour light features work best on a cloudy day.

    8. Studio light can also be used outdoors during the day to put a spotlight on your subject.