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    These Animal Photos Are So Perfectly Timed They're Sure To Make You Laugh

    Nothing like a cute and amusing animal to bring a smile to your face.

    Every year people around the world submit their most amusing photos of animals for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Of the entries so far, here are some that will hopefully brighten your day.

    Just like this one: even cats want their best angles for a selfie.

    Marian Gabriel Constantin / Barcroft Images

    A cat getting up close to the camera in Suceava, Romania.


    John Banas / Barcroft Images

    A cat enjoying a toilet bath in Illinois, United States.

    This horse is every human when the sun's out and you've got an itchy back.

    Axl Marsh / Barcroft Images

    A pony enjoying a good roll on the grass in Minnesota, United States.

    What be this? Major drama.

    Connie Fore / Barcroft Images

    A dog hypnotised by a bubble in Harvard, United States.

    You on Instagram...

    Nando Harmsen / Barcroft Images

    A prancing horse in Gemert, the Netherlands.

    Yup, 101 takes for that one perfect shot.

    Katie Alder / Barcroft Images

    A dog running gracefully in Oxfordshire, England.

    And you on Snapchat.

    Esra Tatar / Barcroft Images

    A cat pulling a face in Kuching, Malaysia.

    No need to insert the dog filter here.

    Jim Zuckerman / Barcroft Images

    A dog in the middle of a jump in Franklin, United States.

    This pooch is a digging machine. Look at that focus.

    Anne Lise Gramstad / Barcroft

    A windswept dog in Ogna beach, Norway.

    Not the nose press!

    Nathan Schmidt / Barcroft Images

    Two dogs in a fight in Grand Rapids, United States.

    Did you ever know that you're my hero?

    Heather Ross / Barcroft Images

    A cat having a superhero moment in Birmingham, England.

    That one friend you can be silly with.

    Georgie Bain / Barcroft Images

    A photographer taking a selfie with her horse in Aberdeen, Scotland.

    And those that love to photobomb.

    Andreas Ettl / Barcroft Images

    A horse caught on camera in Iceland.

    This one holding onto his childhood.

    Annie McMillan / Barcroft Images

    A cat going for a ride on a rocking horse in Sioux Falls, United States.

    Road triiiiiiiiiip!!!

    Erika Hetzel / Barcroft Images

    A dog enjoying the wind in Wisconsin, United States.

    Whatever you think these two are doing, at least you know they're having a fun.

    Alice van Kempen / Barcroft Images

    A silhouette of two dogs in Rockanje, the Netherlands.

    And these ones are just here for a good time.

    Connie Fore / Barcroft Images

    A dog eyeing up a treat in Columbus, United States.

    Smiley face.

    Liz Hammond / Barcroft Images

    A goat having a good day in Warwickshire, England.


    Peggy VanSickle/ Barcroft Images

    A smiling donkey in Custer State Park, United States.

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