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    These Animal Photos Are So Perfectly Timed They're Sure To Make You Laugh

    Nothing like a cute and amusing animal to bring a smile to your face.

    Every year people around the world submit their most amusing photos of animals for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Of the entries so far, here are some that will hopefully brighten your day.

    Just like this one: even cats want their best angles for a selfie.


    This horse is every human when the sun's out and you've got an itchy back.

    What be this? Major drama.

    You on Instagram...

    Yup, 101 takes for that one perfect shot.

    And you on Snapchat.

    No need to insert the dog filter here.

    This pooch is a digging machine. Look at that focus.

    Not the nose press!

    Did you ever know that you're my hero?

    That one friend you can be silly with.

    And those that love to photobomb.

    This one holding onto his childhood.

    Road triiiiiiiiiip!!!

    Whatever you think these two are doing, at least you know they're having a fun.

    And these ones are just here for a good time.

    Smiley face.