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    15 Irresistible Photos Of Newborn Animals That Will Melt Your Icy Heart

    How can you resist these tiny creatures?

    1. How adorable is this eagle?

    2. Don't you just want to rub your cheeks on this dolphin?

    3. This penguin is trying to waddle for the first time.

    4. This snake is just learning its ways.

    5. And this turtle is discovering how to paddle in the water.

    Evaristo Sa / Getty Images

    6. This tiny bear is getting its first taste of sunshine.

    7. Here's a cute goat cuddle.

    8. ...and a fluffy lamb weigh-in.

    9. Lion triplets hanging out with their mummy.

    Janek Skarzynski / Getty Images

    10. ...and this baby whale literally hanging with mum.

    11. If your heart hasn't melted yet, maybe this wet seal cub will do the job.

    12. Or this kangaroo joey peeking out of mum's pouch.

    13. This is what a newborn panda looks like before it turns black and white.

    14. ...and here's a tiny elephant before it grows its ears.

    15. Now, ain't that cute?

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