9 Movies That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

    Indescribable feeling.

    1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    2. Wild

    Fox Searchlight / Via foxsearchlightpictures.tumblr.com

    Walking solo for three months might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely enough time to find yourself and change. Not many get to complete the trail, but those that do get to cross the Bridge of The Gods.

    3. A Lot Like Love

    Walt Disney

    There's nothing more serendipitous than meeting someone on a plane, making out but agreeing that you're not good for each other, meeting again years later and still thinking you're not good for each other, and then again, and again, and finally deciding on your fate at a wedding. *cue Bon Jovi*

    4. Eat Pray Love

    5. Bucket List

    6. Into the Wild

    Paramount Vantage / Via cinyma.tumblr.com

    There's a lot here to learn about survival in the wilderness. And while spontaneity is part of any adventure, long-term planning will keep you alive.

    7. 127 Hours

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Let's forget for a second that he had to lose a hand to tell us his story. Aron Ralston has everything an adventurer needs - he's daring, he's crazy, and he's curious. And despite what would have been a very traumatic experience to most, Ralston hasn't stopped exploring.

    8. Angels and Demons

    9. Tracks