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12 Brilliant Packing Hacks If You Don't Wanna Check In Luggage

It's not easy, but it is possible.

Hello, my name is Anna. I travel heaps and until recently, I'd never lost my luggage.

With another trip coming up, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could travel with carry-on luggage only to avoid the risk of my things going missing again.

Here's how I successfully fit everything I needed for my 10 days away into my small backpack:

1. I checked my airline's weight limit online.

2. Next, I made a list of everything I needed and checked the weather forecast for where I was heading.

3. I hardly packed any clothes.

4. When it came to toiletries, I decided to make use of what my accommodation provided, and thought about items I'd be able to buy over there.

5. I transferred all the liquids I definitely needed into bottles that held less than 100ml.

6. Next, I sealed everything with tape to avoid a disaster inside my backpack.

7. When it came to other backpacking essentials, I bought only what I knew I would use.

8. Ditch anything that will take up too much space and bring lightweight items where possible.

9. I left my bulkiest clothing and shoes to wear on the flight.

10. And I tried rolling my clothes rather than folding them.

11. I made use of every single space in my bag including the inside of my shoes.

12. And I packed my biggest items first, leaving my liquids until last, so they were easiest to access.

Disclaimer: Anna Mendoza travelled on Contiki’s Bangkok to Singapore trip. Contiki provided all Hotel, airfare, and associated tour costs free of charge. BuzzFeed writers did not guarantee coverage..