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Dear NASA, Maybe It's Time We Give Our Moon A Name

Blue, blue moon.

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Hello, space jammers. Firstly, thank you for sharing with us a photo of Pluto in all its glory. It's awesome.


Now, let’s talk about the moon... or should I say, The Moon (proper noun).

Why doesn't our moon get its own name?

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You say it's because when our moon was called The Moon (proper noun), earthlings didn't know of any other moon (common noun).

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But it's been FOUR HUNDRED AND FIVE YEARS since Galileo Galilei discovered four of Jupiter's moons. And since then, we’ve found other moons orbiting other planets, AND we gave them names.

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So, don’t you think it’s time our own moon got one?


I mean, it's like a mother forgetting to change the hospital name cards from "(first name) girl; (last name) Smith", so the baby ends up with the name "Girl" for the rest of her life.

Maybe we can start calling it "Selene", as the ancient Greeks did.


Or change it altogether, yet still stick to the classic. Like, Helena. It is, after all, the most beautiful of all in the night sky.

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If you want, we can do a modern take on it, like Beyonce.


Or maybe Taylor, so it's gender-neutral.

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Imagine looking up at night and saying to your kids, "hey look! There's Venus. And that's Mars. And that big, bright, blue one, that's Taylor."

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What do you think? Isn’t it time we give our ever-loyal celestial partner a special name?