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15 Surreal Photos Of Little People Lost In A Big, Big World

Majestic Sydney, captured on a tiny phone.

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Sydney photographer Mark Cushway is well-known to his Instagram fans for his minimalist photos showcasing the grandeur of Sydney through his phone camera.

Speaking to BuzzFeed about his selection of favourite photographs, Cushway shared his response to the city that has become the subject of his art.

1. "This is where the story begins."

2. "The pink shop at the end of the street - it's old, rundown, the paint is peeling off it and there are bars on the windows. Who couldn't love it!"

3. "I like shooting open spaces... a lot of open space."

4. "You've seen The Lorax, right?"

5. Sydney and lone trees. "Lone trees are a thing."

6. "That moment when you know everything is OK."

8. "A little slice of Sydney."

9. Perspective: "putting a plane in it."

10. "We all 'do' life at a different pace."

11. "The view from the 11th floor." Not much to see, TBH.

12. "Get out of the water."

13. No age or weight can stop this man from looking "like he owned it."

14. "A sign on Cockatoo Island."

15. "Time to get some air."


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