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    This Couple’s Wedding Was Interrupted By A Cyclone And Frankly It's Amazing

    You know what they can weather all storms.

    Stephanie and Joel Pavy from Darwin didn’t let anything get in the way of their wedding, even when a catastrophic cyclone was declared.

    George Fragopoulos / Via

    The Bureau of Meteorology forecast landfall of Cyclone Marcus on March 18, the day of the couple's wedding, but they were determined to proceed with the celebration despite the bad weather. The cyclone was then declared a "catastrophe", the worst to hit Darwin since Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

    The eye of the storm made landfall a few hours earlier than expected but the party still continued amid rain, wind and a lot of fallen trees.

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    "Everyone had a good laugh at the reception about the crazy day we had," Stephanie told BuzzFeed.

    "I had to message all our guests that morning to let them know that the wedding was still on. I was worried that people were going to cancel on us, but the hair stylist and DJ had no problems with the weather and rocked up to do their thing."

    The couple have been together since they were 16-years-old and had already rescheduled their wedding date once.

    George Fragopoulos

    Stephanie said her makeup artist and the car hire company pulled out on the day, but her family was very supportive in pitching in where they could.

    "My younger nieces are both amazing with makeup so I called them for help and they came to my rescue. My sister and my friend’s mum ended up taking us to the ceremony."

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    Their photographer George Fragopoulos also volunteered to drive Stephanie and Joel to various photo locations.

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    "I've been photographing weddings in Darwin since 2009 and this was definitely the most unique," he told BuzzFeed.

    For starters, he said, "I had to remove a tree that had fallen on my driveway to even leave my house. Driving on the roads was difficult as there were fallen trees and power lines down everywhere."

    Fragopoulos was unfazed by these obstacles. He embraced what was a disaster to many and used it as a backdrop to create beautiful photos with the couple.

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    "Every wedding I try and tell a unique story and the cyclone aftermath was part of their wedding story. This is why we chose to take their family photos at a nearby park with fallen trees rather than in cover at their ceremony location."

    George Fragopoulos / Via

    Fragopolous said the bride and groom remained positive throughout the day and their mood radiated, lifting the spirits of their guests.

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    "I think Joel and Stephanie were more stressed about their guests than anything, but as the day progressed things got better, and seeing all but a few of their guests at the ceremony made them very happy."

    It was truly a beautiful event at the centre of a natural disaster.

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    And the couple had some wonderful news to share at the same time.

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