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This Eurovision Star Wants To Be Known For His Photography Too

Singer. Photographer. Nice guy.

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He rose to fame in 2003 when he auditioned for the first series of Australian Idol. Sebastian made it all the way to the end to become the first winner, after a crazy showdown with Shannon Noll at the Sydney Opera House.

Then in 2015, the world got to know him more when he represented Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest. His soulful performance saw Australia finish fifth in their first year of joining the contest.


His incredible shot of the crazy Sydney storm cloud was featured both online and in print, but it's not just because he was in the right time and place with a proper camera. Sebastian knows what makes for a great photo, and he credits this to his artistic approach to music.

Instagram: Guy Sebastian / Via

"Both [music and photography] need to evoke an emotion in the viewing and listening audience. If they leave a performance not wanting more then I’ve failed. If they glance over an image, shrug their shoulders, and move on then I have failed," Sebastian told BuzzFeed.

He admits he's a big sucker for nature photography. Having spent a good lot of time in south coast NSW, he takes inspiration from that environment, both for his music and photography.

Instagram: Guy Sebastian / Via

"I’m a big nature person. So If I’m in an amazing natural setting like the south coast, it's easy for me to write. It's my favourite place to take landscape photos too."

Just like his music, photography is Sebastian's creative outlet and he considers it to be a continuous learning process.

Instagram: Guy Sebastian / Via

"I look at some songs that I wrote in the past and wonder how I wrote such awful lyrics. Same goes for my photos. I look back and wonder why I over processed or under lit. But as you improve the tools and your knowledge, the product gets better. No doubt in years to come I’ll think what I’m doing now is rubbish. That will be a good thing."


And in true good guy spirit, Sebastian imparts his expertise by mentoring those wanting to break into either industry. As a judge on The X-Factor Australia, he hones the next wave of musical talents. And as a Canon ambassador, he pushes photographers to think creatively within specific briefs.

The winning photos for the Canon Light Awards in the month of March resonates well with Sebastian's photographic philosophy of curiosity and the desire for more.

Dat Chi Truong, courtesy of Canon Light Awards

"I am intrigued as to how this was captured, and I can’t quite figure it out, which makes me keep coming back to it. There is a stillness in the night, but an air of anticipation of what’s to come," on Dat Chi Truong's “It’s a Raining Man”, winner of the compact cameras category.

Peter Ingamells, courtesy of Canon Light Awards

"Once you are done gazing upon his stillness your eyes then follow the normal path of the lines toward the building and there are many levels of gratification," on Peter Ingamells' “Waiting on the World for Change", winner of the EOS DSLR full frame category.

Chris White, courtesy of Canon Light Awards

"There is not much that can keep a two year old still, but seeing this spectacular sunset, the colours, the light… This scene froze me just as it did his son," on Chris White's “Frozen By Nature", winner of the EOS DSLR category.

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