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Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over This Canberra Cafe's Insane Milkshakes

Worth the road trip.

Drop everything you're doing and take a minute or two to drool over these out-of-this-world milkshakes.

Patissez / Facebook / Via Facebook:

Created by the brilliant minds at Canberra's creative café, Pâtissez, patrons are already braving the long lines to get a lick of these whimsical creations.

Patissez / Facebook / Via Facebook:

Co-owner Anna Petridis represented the Australian Capital Territory alongside her mother, Gina, on the latest season of My Kitchen Rules.

Yup, they exist IRL. These milkshakes, dubbed "The Freakshow", are driving dessert lovers mad.

Patissez / Facebook / Via Facebook:

They’re literally bigger than your face!

And many promise that they are worth it.

This one knows she's up for an intense workout after her indulgence.

Of course, they offer more than just milkshakes — like this too-pretty-for-words red velvet slice.

Patissez / Facebook / Via Facebook:

These State of Origin–themed cheesecake mousse domes.

Patissez / Facebook / Via Facebook:

(They also look like those Mario mushroom heads, don't you think?)

And these over-the-top cakes that would make you wish you had a birthday to celebrate every week.

Patissez / Facebook / Via Facebook:
Patissez / Faceboook / Via Facebook:
Patissez / Facebook / Via Facebook:

This is how Patissez describes this cake: "White chocolate caramel mud - dark chocolate sponge - serious loads of Nutella buttercream - oodles of oozy salted butter caramel - hazelnut toffee shards & motherloads of Ferrero Rocher."



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