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    14 Handy Tips For Taking Epic iPhone Photos At Sculptures By The Sea

    Don't let the rain rain on your parade.

    BuzzFeed News spoke to Sydney's top Instagrammers, asking them to share their secret ingredients for taking epic photographs at the city's most popular outdoor show, Sculptures By The Sea.

    1. "Let the weather be your friend." - @bobondi

    Boaz Shemesh

    "Don't let the weather stop you from seeing Sculpture By The Sea. A storm can create a dramatic backdrop for your image."

    2. "Patience is a ~very~ good virtue." - @bobondi

    Boaz Shemesh

    "As Sculpture By The Sea attracts thousands of people each day, it can be difficult to photograph a sculpture without someone in the shot. Be patient. Wait for someone to come along who might add a different point of interest to your image."

    3. "Play with angles." - @poeticwordvomit

    Samah El Ali

    "Be sure to take more than one shot by trying different angles in order to compose, shoot and deliver a unique perspective.

    "Move closer to your subjects, use the grid to assist with your alignment and composition whilst keeping an eye out for any play with natural light or leading lines that draw you to or frame your subject."

    4. "Visit at different times of the day." - @poeticwordvomit

    Samah El Ali

    "Shooting at sunrise or sunset is preferred by many but it is worthwhile to shoot at different times throughout the day to achieve very different but equally great results."

    5. "Make good use of the human element." - @photogra_fi

    Fiona Shepperd

    "I really like to have a human element in my photos to give the sculpture scale, and also so it's more than a 'landscape’."

    6. "Alignment is key." - @photogra_fi

    Fiona Shepperd

    "Keep the horizon straight and follow the rule of thirds to avoid over-cluttering the photo. The eye should follow a flow looking at the photo."

    7. "Play with depth of field." - @paulabroom

    Paula Broom

    "Play about with the depth of field - the sensor on the iPhone is sensitive so you can move in really close."

    8. "Shoot into the sun with the HDR function on." - @paulabroom

    Paula Broom

    "For this shot, I focused on the sun - the brightest spot - which meant that the camera adjusts the exposure so that the overall image isn’t too bright. I made sure that HDR was on to get the best colours and least amount of burning out of the highlights."

    9. "Use symmetry." - @dawa_lhamo

    Annette Widitz

    "Try using symmetry for more striking shots. In this shot, I love having a figure to provide a connection with the viewer."

    10. "Play with long exposure." - @dawa_lhamo

    Annette Widitz

    "Third-party long exposure apps allow you to create softer waves in the background. if you have clouds or water, the results can be beautiful. "

    11. "Go low." - @dawa_lhamo

    Annette Widitz

    "Perspective - get down low for a different view of your subject to make the image a little more interesting."

    12. "Have your phone with you at all times." - @lifeinsurryhills

    Kim Goodwin

    "In this photo, it was a matter of perfect timing to capture just one solitary figure in tune with the art."

    13. "Be aware of light." - @lifeinsurryhills

    Kim Goodwin

    "In this photo, we visited at 7am to get the good morning light... and avoid the crowds."

    14. "Don't focus too much on the sculpture." - @lifeinsurryhills

    Kim Goodwin

    "It’s not always about showing the art itself. It's also about the art interacting with the landscape and the people."

    Sculptures By The Sea is an annual seaside exhibition taking place at the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk from October 22 to November 8 this year.

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