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    14 Handy Tips For Taking Epic iPhone Photos At Sculptures By The Sea

    Don't let the rain rain on your parade.

    BuzzFeed News spoke to Sydney's top Instagrammers, asking them to share their secret ingredients for taking epic photographs at the city's most popular outdoor show, Sculptures By The Sea.

    1. "Let the weather be your friend." - @bobondi

    2. "Patience is a ~very~ good virtue." - @bobondi

    3. "Play with angles." - @poeticwordvomit

    4. "Visit at different times of the day." - @poeticwordvomit

    5. "Make good use of the human element." - @photogra_fi

    6. "Alignment is key." - @photogra_fi

    7. "Play with depth of field." - @paulabroom

    8. "Shoot into the sun with the HDR function on." - @paulabroom

    9. "Use symmetry." - @dawa_lhamo

    10. "Play with long exposure." - @dawa_lhamo

    11. "Go low." - @dawa_lhamo

    12. "Have your phone with you at all times." - @lifeinsurryhills

    13. "Be aware of light." - @lifeinsurryhills

    14. "Don't focus too much on the sculpture." - @lifeinsurryhills

    Sculptures By The Sea is an annual seaside exhibition taking place at the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk from October 22 to November 8 this year.