These Extremely Good Boys Are Now Here To Protect Your Meals At The Sydney Opera House

    Good dogs get 'em bad birds.

    If you've ever dined at the Sydney Opera House outdoor area, you're well aware of the anxiety that comes with protecting your $11 chips from those vicious seagulls.

    They quietly stand behind you with evil in their eyes, waiting for the perfect moment...

    To ATTACK!!!

    Some companies have trialled creative ways to deter these hungry birds, but it didn't work out.

    But it turns out, all they needed were...DOGS!

    Dogs with a natural instinct for birds, like kelpies or spaniels, are picked for the job.

    The dogs enjoy shooing the seagulls away.

    The Sydney Opera House encourages the public to visit and see these canine heroes and heroines but asks that they not be distracted from their day jobs. Pet dogs are still restricted from the restaurant area.