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    19 Of The Saddest Snowmen In The World

    Bahhhhhh humbug.

    1. Australia got a good dump of snow this morning. But being Australia, this isn't the powdery snow we all know and love, It's icy and rough, and the snowmen are suffering.

    2. In Australia, we don't get a chance to build snowmen very often. So as soon as snow falls, we give it our best shot.

    3. But sometimes our best shot leaves a little to be desired. Look at this guy, he never had a chance.

    PSA: THIS is a snowman - happy, cute, and agile.


    4. This is a total waste of carrot.

    5. More does not mean better, you guys.

    6. Look! This one can't even raise a smile.

    7. Even the rooster is unimpressed.

    8. This is very disappointing, Australia.

    9. Snowmen in Argentina vs. snowmen in Australia.

    10. Go home, snowman. You’re drunk.

    11. Yeah, that's right. Stay there in the corner where no one can see you.

    12. At least this snowman builder tried to add a little spice with the flower.

    13. This is literally cheating.

    14. That's a cute koala, but it's not a snowman.

    15. That's a rat. On a ball. Not a snowman.

    17. Look, your crochet game is A+. But your snowman game needs some work.

    18. Even the snowman has given up!

    19. It's like you didn't even bother.

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