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19 Of The Saddest Snowmen In The World

Bahhhhhh humbug.

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1. Australia got a good dump of snow this morning. But being Australia, this isn't the powdery snow we all know and love, It's icy and rough, and the snowmen are suffering.

Instagram: @pixyminey

Look at this sad little fella.

2. In Australia, we don't get a chance to build snowmen very often. So as soon as snow falls, we give it our best shot.

Instagram: @corey

3. But sometimes our best shot leaves a little to be desired. Look at this guy, he never had a chance.

Instagram: @coffeetalkhcr

PSA: THIS is a snowman - happy, cute, and agile.


4. This is a total waste of carrot.

Instagram: @collyology

5. More does not mean better, you guys.

Instagram: @_ashlee3__

6. Look! This one can't even raise a smile.

Instagram: @mlobasto

7. Even the rooster is unimpressed.

Instagram: @rocafella

8. This is very disappointing, Australia.

Instagram: @john

9. Snowmen in Argentina vs. snowmen in Australia.

10. Go home, snowman. You’re drunk.

Instagram: @shade

11. Yeah, that's right. Stay there in the corner where no one can see you.

Instagram: @dodgegordon

12. At least this snowman builder tried to add a little spice with the flower.

Instagram: @brightbunches

14. That's a cute koala, but it's not a snowman.

Instagram: @theviciousbunny

15. That's a rat. On a ball. Not a snowman.

Instagram: @costa1606

17. Look, your crochet game is A+. But your snowman game needs some work.

Instagram: @hooked_and_infinity

18. Even the snowman has given up!

Instagram: @han_watson