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Novak Djokovic Just Invited A US Open Fan On Court For A Dance Off

A victory dance like no other.

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It's well known that World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has the biggest heart in the tennis circuit today. But this moment after his Round 2 US Open win amps up his awesomeness to another level:

It's all Djokes for #Novak. He's working on his victory dance. #usopen

During his post-match interview, ESPN’s Brad Gilbert asked Djokovic to rank the fan's dance moves. He said he recognised a man from the past and thanked him for his many years of courtside entertainment.

Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images

He was also impressed by the many layers of clothing the spectator was wearing in New York's blistering heat.

The fan waved from the crowds and Djokovic, being the ever-charismatic superstar that he is, invited him on court for the ultimate dance-off.

Nole dances with a fan on court after match

It was an awesome moment, really. Look at them basking in pure bliss.