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11 Easy Tips To Taking The Cutest Photos Of Your Pets

"Get down nice and low."

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Bondi’s most famous vet, Dr. Chris Brown, knows more than just giving our precious pets care and love, he also knows how to take a great photo.

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The hunky vet shared with BuzzFeed some handy tips to photographing your beloved animals at their cutest.

Instagram / Dr Chris Brown

1. Think about the times when your pet made you smile. / Via

Recently named Canon Ambassador, Dr. Chris Brown says, "generally, [those times] are their cutest moments. Is it them going down to the local park or is it them just waking up from their sleep?"

2. Feature their eyes.

Dr. Chris Brown / Instagram / Via

"Their eyes are how we connect with them. It tells us a lot about their mood and their personality."

3. "Think about it, don't rush in."

Instagram / Dr Chris Brown / Via

Think about your frame and the lighting and the backdrop. All these elements add to the character of the photo.

4. Look for their stand-out features.

Dr. Chris Brown / Instagram / Via

Think Grumpy Cat. "A lot of dogs have really big ears, or puppies have really big paws. Some dogs or cats look like they're smiling or frowning", Dr. Brown says.

5. Have your camera ready on standby.

Instagram / Dr Chris Brown / Via

Check that the settings are ready. You'll never know when cute moments happen.

6. "Get down nice and low, so you're at their height." / Via

Connect with your pet and see how they see the world from their vantage point.

7. Use what you know about your pet. / Via

"You know them better than anyone else. It might be a quirky habit they have or a funny little mannerism that they possess. Try to make that the basis of the shot."

8. Observe, observe, observe.

Dr. Chris Brown / Instagram / Via

"Look at them with fresh eyes." Watch what they love doing or what gets strong expressions from them.

9. Experiment with angles that highlight their unique features. / Via

For example, if your pet has big ears, Dr. Brown says "if you shoot your pet's face from a bit below their ears, the [ears] will look bigger from that perspective."

10. Soft lighting is key.

Dr. Chris Brown / Instagram / Via

"If it is too bright, their pupils constrict and they'll end up with little slits, and pets can look a little cold if you photograph them like that. [Soft light] will make the image warmer and show more emotion, but also ensure those eyes really shine."

11. Pause every now and then. Take a break from your snap-craze. / Via

Enjoy the company of your pet, not just from behind the lens.

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